New Client


 Upon arrival to the studio, I will greet you at the door and welcome you into the salon. I will lead you to the treatment room to change and be serviced. With this being your first appointment, we will thoroughly review your consultation form to ensure we address all of your questions, skin issues or concerns. After your consultation we will begin your treatment based on your current skin condition. 



  • During the  consultation we further discuss various factors of your lifestyle that have an effect on your skin from your daily habits, diet, nutrition, environment, and current regimen. 
  • After the consultation you will have a better understanding of how to maintain healthy skin.
  • You will know your skin type.
  • ​You will know what products work best for your skin type. 


  • For virtual consultations you will submit photos through the online portal. 
  • After proper analysis your esthetician will conduct an online meeting through zoom to:
  1. Discuss your current skin condition and history
  2. Answer all questions you may have regarding your skin
  3. Formulate a regimen based on your skin goals

Virtual consultations do not include products nor facial treatment. 



After your treatment you will have time to dress. I will meet you outside of the treatment room and walk you to the checkout area. At this time, we will discuss post care instructions and choose a customized treatment plan with products designed for your skin type. Lastly, we will reserve your reservation for your next appointment.