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Skin Script is a professional grade skin care line providing natural, paraban free options for all skin types. Breaking out from wearing mask? Looking to hydrate your skin? Brighten acne scars? Or soothe your acne instead of drying it out? Click Here.

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About the owner

Jessica Jones is a licensed esthetician with a focus on holistic healing and treating multicultural skin aimed to heal acne and pigmentation in fitz patrick 4-6 skin type.

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Skin Tribe Reviews

Literally the best facial I’ve ever had! Calming, soothing, amazing vibes, Jess hands are sooo gentle and relaxing. Thank you so much for this experience.

Jazz Lewis

Today was my first time with Jessica and I must say my experience was amazing. I really like the way she gave me information on how to improve my skin and also gave me a little goody bag to take home. My face feels and looks clean and breathable now. I would recommend 100%.


Jessica is very intentional in her process with her clients and creates a very unique experience. My facial was very relaxing and she was able to give me great feedback about my skin letting me know that she is very knowledgeable and passionate about skincare. She recommended some really great products and I appreciate her being available to help me throughout my skincare journey. I will definitely be scheduling facials with Jessica on a regular basis.

Yasmin Johnson


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